Current Favorites November 2016

Thought I would do something a bit different this week and share some of my current favorites.

Clif Bars – I’ve started straying away from Clif bars – a trend I am not proud of – because I knew my disordered thoughts were the root of it. However, when I saw the seasonal flavors for sale I immediately ended the trend. The hot chocolate flavor my absolute favorite one.

Soundcloud – When I started going to the gym I made a playlist for myself but that quickly got boring so I went on a search for new music and found SoundCloud and I’ve been hooked ever since. I especially enjoy Slander’s playlists. No matter what I’m feeling, their playlists helps me get in the mood to complete a killer workout.

PE Science – I’ve tried out a good amount of protein powders, but PE Science is definitely my favorite. Their vanilla bean select is good for baking, drinking, and just about anything else you can do with protein powder. I’m really wanting to try their snicker doodle and frosted chocolate cupcake flavors.

Trader Joe’s – I recently took a trip to Trader Joe’s in what seemed like forever and I’m hooked again. There were so many new products, and my old favorites were still there as well. Plus, the environment is so friendly and pleasant.

Youtube – YouTube has recently become a guilty pleasure of mine. My top three channel right now are Kim Hoeltji, Amanda Bucci, and Region 5 Gymnastics.

What are some of your favorites?


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