FDOE 2/6/17

This full day of eating is from earlier this week on Monday.

Definition of motivated laziness coming at you. I’m too lazy to walk in the cold so I wake up almost an hour earlier than normal to get close parking. Anyways, once I got to school I sat in my car and ate a small breakfast consisting of a toasted vanilla coconut Greek yogurt and an Earth’s best snack bar.

For lunch I had a hummus and cucumber wrap with sugar snap peas and a cheese stick.

After school I drove directly to practice so I had an organic protein bar. I don’t know what is worse: driving while texting or driving while eating?

After practice I had dinner which was some mini potatoes, cut up veggie dogs, and green beans.

While working on homework I had another Earth’s best snack bar with some dark chocolate and some blueberries.

A little while later I snacked on some rice cakes with hummus and sugar snap peas.

And for my night snack I had an English muffin, a vanilla Greek yogurt, and a blueberry muffin Quest bar.

That wraps up this full day of eating. I hope you guys enjoyed and remember, this is what words for my body so you shouldn’t compare my intake with yours.


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