FDOE 6/16/2017

Summer is in full swing, so I decided to share a full day of eating. Currently, I am in Atlanta getting ready to compete for Youth Weightlifting Nationals, but this FDOE is from last Friday.

I started off the morning with a quick and easy pre workout meal. I had a toasted English muffin and a key lime Greek yogurt with pumpkin seeds.

I went with my older sister and her boyfriend to his gym to lift since my normal gym was closed today. Going to new gyms is almost as good as a trip to Disney world for me. I tried to limit myself though because it was suppose to be a light training day in preparation for tomorrow’s heaving session.

For my post workout meal, I had some egg white oatmeal with PBfit and a banana.

Then, I snacked on some random foods because it was the end of the week and I was working on finishing whatever was left in the fridge. I had some whole wheat bread with cottage cheese and steamed green beans.

For dinner I had a Cranberry Walnut Salad with a cheese stick.

I also had a lemon meringue Greek yogurt and a s’mores Quest bar a little while afterwards.

I ended the night with a pint of cake batter Arctic Zero and a cupcake batter think thin bar.

*I will like to mention that this full day of eating is a bit lower than my normal intake. With Youth Nationals coming up I have to focus on making weight so I am able to compete. For this particular meet, I remained in a caloric surplus until a month out before changing my macros to maintenance. From there, I evaluated my intake based on my performance and weight.


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