Avoiding Weight Gain

Honesty time here. When going through recovery I accepted the fact that I needed to gain weight, but I absolutely hated it. Every time I gained, the little voice inside me was screaming for joy and despair at the same time.

I spent hours googling “How to avoid weight gain.” A phrase that many of us wish could be true. It seamed like every time I had an increase on my meal plan I would gain, even if it was just a serving of fruits or veggies that was added.

Flash forward to February of this year, I decided (on my own) to gain some weight. I hadn’t seen my nutritionist in almost a year and I was still at an ideal weight for me, but I wanted to put on some mass for weightlifting.

I set a MINIMUM macro amount that I needed to hit eat day no matter my activity level. No excuses. I wanted to grow.

That first month or so nothing happened. Despite increasing my intake, my weight didn’t budge. Of corse some days I was “heavier,” but the next day I was back to starting weight.

When you are truly okay with gaining weight, a .01 lbs gain is irrelevant, but when you absolutely fear gaining weight, a .01 lbs increase feels like a ton.

It took a few months before I noticed any difference on the scale, but the key thing I want you to learn from my weight gain: I did not look any different.

According to the scale, I put on x amount of weight but according to pictures, I hadn’t changed a bit.

If you compared a before and after picture, you wouldn’t notice a difference.

During this increase, I wasn’t worried about eating too much or waiting to eat at certain times. Choosing to do this increase on my own showed me a lot about myself.

I think it proved that I am another step farther away from my eating disorder. I wanted to gain weight, succeeded, and didn’t freak out about it.

In fact, I love my body more now than I did before.

The secret to eating more without gaining weight: stop caring about how much you weigh and focus on how you feel.


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