Brownie Blast Arctic Zero

I feel like Arctic Zero has been put on the back burner as other ice creams alternatives have gained popularity.

I get asked all the time what I think of Arctic Zero and here is my honest opinion – it cannot compare to other brands. The macros are too low to compete with Halo Top and Enlightened. It’s not as creamy and flavorful as its competitors. However, you have to take into consideration that Arctic Zero is half the calories as those other brands. With the macros put into perspective, Arctic Zero is pretty good.

The chunky flavors are a lot better tasting than the smooth flavors, but they also have a higher caloric content.

The brownie blast flavor is one of my favorite flavors, which happens to be a chunky pint.

There are small brownie pieces scattered throughout the pint. There aren’t chunk in every bite, but there are a good amount spread pretty evenly.

The chunks taste almost exactly like brownies. I couldn’t tell if they were a healthified version which is a good thing.

The ice cream was similar to the purely chocolate Arctic Zero flavor. It was a little chocolatey, but also pretty icy. Let us just say that the macros directly correlate to the taste.

Appearance isn’t anything special. Sometimes, you get lucky and see a bunch of chunks on tops which makes the pint look more appetizing but other than that, it’s just brown ice cream.

The macros are honestly probably the only reason you are interested in Arctic Zero. An entire pint is 300 calories with the macros being 6F/44C/12P. One pint also has 32 grams of sugar which is pretty high, but then again we are talking about an ENTIRE pint of ice cream.

My personal opinion, if it wasn’t for the low macros and high volume, I probably wouldn’t buy Arctic Zero.

Is anything that I review going to be cheap? Normally pints are roughly $5 each. Sometimes they go on sale for $3 so keep your eyes open.

TASTE 7/10
COST 5/10


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