With summer in full gear, all to many people are falling into the slumps.

Sleeping in till noon. Staying in your pajamas all night. Being bored out of your mind, yet no motivation to get anything done.

In today’s blog post I’ll share some of my tips and tricks being productive.

1. Plan
Take 10-15 minutes the night before to plan what needs to be done. Try to schedule everything by the hour.

2. Be Realistic
If you aren’t going to wake up at 6am, then don’t plan on it. You will most likely press that snooze button and have no motivation to follow through with your plan.

3. Reward Yourself
If you accomplished everything you need to, reward yourself. Have a little time to yourself to unwind or go buy that pair of leggings you’ve been eying.

4. Social Media
Stop constantly checking your social media accounts. Schedule out time you will check on your different platforms to avoid mindless scrolling.

5. Nutrition
Fuel yourself properly. Meal Planning and Meal Prepping can save so much time and takes the thought out of what you want for each meal. Crock pot dinners can also save some time to get those extra tasks done.

6. Workout
Training first thing in the morning will boost your mood and wake you up for the rest of the day. You can also go for a walk during your lunch break to break up a busy day. That way, you will return to work more focused and be more productive the rest of the day.

Do you have any tips to stay productive?


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