Clif Z-Bars

I have a confession. I am a z-bar addict. I probably have at least one a day. #noshame

But really, these bars are perfect for snacking and are basically the definition of convenience.


I am going to review three of the flavors today: iced oatmeal cookie, chocolate brownie, and chocolate chip! There are a few more flavors available, but these are the three that I consistently see at stores.


1. Iced Oatmeal Cookie
Just take a whiff of this flavor and you will fall in love. The base is like a baked oatmeal cookie with hidden white chocolate chunks inside. It is also topped with a white chocolate drizzle. This flavor is so refreshing and light but also filling and tasty!

2. Chocolate Brownie
If you love chocolate, this flavor is the one for you. It smells like a freshly baked batch of brownies. It has a chocolate base with chocolate chunks and a chocolate drizzle. I do not think you can get any more chocolatey than this. Plus, it is not a questionable chocolate – it tastes like the real deal with no chalky or artificial aftertaste.

3. Chocolate Chip
This flavor satisfies your sweet tooth without indulging in an entire recipe of cookie dough. It is not quite the same as cookie dough, but it tastes just as good! It has a plain/oatmealish base (similar to the iced oatmeal cookie recipe) but with chocolate chunks and a chocolate drizzle. It has a good balance of flavors. It is not too chocolatey like the chocolate brownie flavor, but you still get a good taste!

I love the texture of these bars. They are not sticky with clumps of oatmeal like a normal granola bar, but they are also not thick and chewy like the typical protein bar. They are more like a baked snack if that makes sense. They are soft and have a similar texture to a freshly baked oatmeal cookie.

They are “kid” size so they are a bit smaller than normal. A normal Clif bar is 68 grams and these are about half the size at 36 grams, but overall, I was not disappointed with the size. Of course it is going to be a smaller portion of its targeted towards children, but it was still a decent sized bar.

The nutrition of these bars lands smack in the middle between the average granola bar and protein bar, too. The iced oatmeal cookie has the highest macros of the three flavors at 140 calories (4F/24C/2P) and the chocolate brownie and chocolate chip both have 130 calories (3.5F/24C/2P). They are higher in sugar than I would like, but it is hard to find a processed snack that is not filled with added sugars.

And if things could not get any better, they are actually affordable! Normally they come in a box of 6 for about $4 which means each bar comes out to about 67¢. You can also find all of these three flavors mentioned above in bulk at Sam’s Club for an even better deal coming about to 47¢ per bar.

TASTE 9/10



COST 9/10

OVERALL 8.5/10


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