Maple Glazed Doughnut Oh Yeah One Bar

If a doughnut flavored protein bar doesn’t grab your attention, I doughnut know what will – sorry for the pun.

As soon as I opened the bar, I was hit by a STRONG maple smell. Literally made my stomach start growling on the spot.

From the outside, the bar looks pretty simple. Just a plain white chocolate coating – not even a pretty drizzle.

On the inside, it gets a little more exciting. It has a slight tan color to it. I also spotted a few small white chocolate chunks.

The center of the bar is soft and chewy and the outer coat melts in your mouth which makes for the perfect combo.

As far as taste goes, it was pretty good. I don’t know if I would call it a doughnut, but it was pretty close. I definitely tasted the maple. It was almost as if the center of the bar was the dough part of the doughnut and the coating was the icing on top.

Nutrition wise is standard for all Oh Yeah One bars. This flavor is 220 calories with a macro breakdown being 8F/24C/20P.

It’s not the most expensive protein bar on the block, but it also isn’t the cheapest. A box of 12 bars normally sells for around $25 which is pretty standard for protein bars.

TASTE 9/10



COST 7/10

OVERALL 7.25/10


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