Chocolate Dipped Cherry Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites

I’m not a big cherry fan, but after trying the birthday cake flavor, I had to test out the other flavors.


Like I said earlier, I do not love cherries and these bites definitely tasted like cherries. It had a strong chocolate taste too though so it was not too bad for me. For a non cherry loving person, these get a thumbs up from me.

These are so much lighter than I expected. I was thinking they would be dense and chewy like other Optimim Nutrition products but I was pleasantly surprised.

They are super airy and fluffy. Still chewy, but not in a protein bar kind of bar.

They follow the same appearance as a chocolate covered cherry. The core is red for the cherry and the coating is brown for the chocolate. Tastes the part and looks the part, too.

Each bite is 80 calories with the macro break down being 2.5F/8C/7P. A full pack is 240 calories (7F/25C/20P).

Not the cheapest thing but it is hard to compare it to anything because there are not many brands with protein bites on the market. A single pack costs about $2 and a box of 12 is around $23.

TASTE 6/10



COST 6/10

OVERALL 6.25/10


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