RXBar Kids

I love products that are marketed towards kids. They are always more fun to eat and the packaging is too cute!


You might be familiar with RX Bars, but they have recently come out with a new line of products known as RX Bar Kids.


It is pretty much everything that it sounds like: the traditional RX Bar but in a smaller portion. The normal RX bars are 52 grams while the kids versions are 33 grams per bar.


The have the exact same texture as the traditional RX Bars. They are chewy, but a good kind of chewy. Plus, they are mess free which should be an automatic 10/10 because convenience is key.


Right now, there are only three flavors available: chocolate chip, berry blast, and apple cinnamon raisin.


What I love about this product is how simple it is. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a “processed” snack without any questionable ingredients. However, RX bars have nothing to hide.


On their packaging they list the ingredients that go into each bar. Most bars contain a few other things based around their flavor, but it is always a commonly known whole food.


I love the chocolate chip flavor the best. It has mini chocolate chips within the bar and pretty much anything with chunks gets a thumbs up from me.


Second favorite is the apple cinnamon raisin. It reminds me of fall and the smell of apple pie baking in the oven. The raisin aspect of the flavor is a bit absent, but I am not complaining because I am not a huge raisin fan to begin with.

Berry blast is my least favorite of the three, but I love them. If the apple cinnamon raisin flavor is fall, then this flavor is spring with all the different berry flavors.


All three flavors taste amazing, but they lack a bit in the field of aesthetics. They do not have anything special about their appearance but taste is more important than looks anyways – right?


So each bar contains two egg whites, four almonds, five cashews, and one date. Then, depending on the flavor there are a few additional ingredients. The chocolate chip flavor also has cacao, cocoa, and natural chocolate and vanilla flavors. The berry blast bar has strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and natural strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry flavorings. The apple cinnamon raisin flavor also has apples, raisins, cinnamon, and natural apple and vanilla flavors. Nothing strange.


The chocolate chip flavor has the highest macros at 140 calories (6F/14C/7P). The berry blast and apple cinnamon raisin have very similar macros. Berry blast at 130 calories (4.5F/15C/7P) and apple cinnamon raisin with 130 calories (5F/16C/7P). I love how the macros are not too emphasized with a single macro and provide a good amount of each.


A box of sixteen bars directly from the RXBar website is about $25. They are also available at Target in boxes of five bars for $5-6.


TASTE 8/10






COST 7/10


OVERALL 7.75/10


Have you tried these yet?


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