EBOOST Pink Lemonade Super Powder

Today’s review is a bit different. EBOOST was generous enough to let me sample their pink lemonade super powder so I’m paying it forward and letting y’all know my thoughts!

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, EBoost is a company that focuses on providing energy boosting supplements made without the added junk. They make products to benefit athletes without compromising their lifestyle. All their products are Non-GMO, gluten and soy free, low in sugar, and made without an artificial colors or sweeteners and only the highest quality ingredients.

For this particular product, the directions were to mix one packet of powder with 12 ounces of water and allow it to fizz.

I wish I could say I enjoy every product I try, especially since the team at EBoost was so generous and kind, but this product didn’t do anything for me.

The flavor was super tart and strong. It tasted more orangey than lemony. I tried to suck it up and drink it all so I could review the effects on my focus, energy, and mood, but I took a few more sips and ended up dumping it out.

One packet is 5 calories with 110mg of caffeine. Pretty decent for a coffee replacement or an afternoon pick me up. It may be a good alternative if you have a hard time drinking enough water or trying to wean of a coffee addiction.

They are available on their website in a package of 20 individual serving packets for $28. You can also use the code “BaileyP20” for 20% any purchase! They have other products (pre workout, protein powder, etc.) which I have heard better reviews about.

TASTE 1/10



COST 6/10

OVERALL 5.5/10


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