Cascadian Farms Soft Baked Squares

These Cascadian Farms soft baked squares have been my jam lately.


If you have tried Fiber One’s brownies then you need to give these a shot. They are basically a more nutritious and less processed version of those.



Right now, there are only two flavors available. I’ll start off with the wild blueberry flavor. I do not know how they did it, but it smells so good. Not even a hint of artificialness. It is basically a combination of baked oatmeal cookies and fresh blueberries.



The oat & chocolate flavor is my personal favorite. A better name would be oatmeal cookie because that is basically what it tastes and smells like.



They have a super soft texture, but they are also a bit crumbly which is a mess waiting to happen. However, they do not have any problems with being too dry which is surprising with its oatmeal base.



They have a similar texture to an oatmeal cookie, but ten times more fluffier. The wild blueberry has chunks of dried blueberries and the oats & chocolate flavor has decent sized chocolate chunks.



They do not look extraordinary but there is nothing wrong with that. You can see the chunks of blueberries/chocolate and that is all that matters.



The macros are almost identical. The wild blueberry is 150 calories (5F/23C/2P) and the oats & chocolate is 150 calories (6F/22C/3P). Cascadian Farms is an organic based brand so all their ingredients are simple and well known which I love.


Each square is 35 grams which is a relatively common size for smaller snack bars. For a weight reference, Clif Z-Bars are about the same weight.


For a higher end organic snack, this price isn’t too bad. They come individually packaged in a box of six squares. If you go to the Cascadian Farms website you can buy them online from Walmart or but it lists some crazy price ($9 a box), but I get mine for $3-4 a box from my local grocery store.


TASTE 8/10






COST 7/10


OVERALL 7.25/10


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