Mid Americans (October 2017)

For those of you that didn’t know, I competed in a local weightlifting competition on October 14th.

This was my first meet back since competing at Youth Weightlifting Nationals in July.

This was also the first competition in which I had to cut weight. Normally I just need to maintain my weight leading up to the meet.

The week of the meet I was close to my competition weight, but still not quite there. I hovered about .5-1kg (1-2 pounds) above my competition weight. Now for those of you thinking that’s nothing, it is a lot for me since I am already very lean and don’t have much to lose.

Anyways, at weigh ins I lowered my intake to below maintenance for meet week. Honestly, it didn’t make to much of a difference. So the day before the meet I watched my sodium and drastically reduced my water intake from about 100 ounce to 25 ounces. *cutting water is NOT a safe thing to do. You should be under supervision while cutting water.

The morning of the competition I was exactly 48kg on the dot. Luckily, my weigh ins were at 9:30am so I just packed a meal to eat after weigh ins.

Going into the competition is is very rare that both lifts feel 100%. Typically my clean and jerks feel great, but my snatches are a bit shaky. This time is was the opposite. I felt confident with my snatches and shaky with my clean and jerks.

Anyways, I ended up going with 47kg as my first snatch attempt. I was able to hit this weight very consistently for the few weeks leading up to the meet.

I missed my second attempt at 50kg but made it on my third attempt to match my training PR.

For clean and jerks I opened up with 58kg which I ended up missing. My wrist rolled to a position were I wasn’t able to support the bar. It felt easy and the miss was a fluke so we went up to 61kg for my second attempt. I made it and qualified for university nationals with it. For my third attempt I hit 63kg which was a 3kg PR.

So I finished off with a 113kg total which was an 11kg total PR since youth nationals.

I am extremely happy with my performance and cannot wait to get back to training. Right now the plan is to compete again in January at another semi-local meet.

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