Chocolate Breyer’s Ice Cream

Name brand ice creams are finally jumping aboard the protein/low calorie ice cream train.

First off, can I get a hallelujah for a pint that is filled to the brim!

Didn’t really look too special from the outside. Just had the traditional chocolate appearance. Not too much ice on top, just a few flakes here and there but nothing remotely noticeable.

The taste was definitely creamy and not icy at all. The chocolate flavor was good, but not anything amazing (it’s hard to be anything more than average without some chunks).

The serving size is a bit different than normal ice cream pints. Instead of the normal 1/2 cup serving, it is labeled as 2/3 cups which is 90 calories (2.5F/22C/7P). It also lists the macros for the entire pint which is 270 calories (8F/67C/20P) which is similar to Halo Top and Enlighten’s chocolate pints.

Cost wasn’t too bad either. It was slightly cheaper (about $3) than other name brand pints at my local grocery store, but I know at many other stores, Breyer’s pints are significantly cheaper than its competitors.

TASTE 7/10



COST 7/10

OVERALL 7.25/10


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