FDOE 12/10/18

Merry – almost – Christmas! Today’s full day of eating is from a Sunday earlier this month.

I devote Sunday’s to running errands and preparing for the week since I have the day off from school and training. Since I spend most of the day at home I tend to have more snacks throughout the day and smaller meals. Regardless, my intake is still roughly the same as days I train.

For once, I slept in since I had a late night babysitting the night before. I woke up a little after 8:30, scanned through this week’s ads, and then grabbed a Clif z-bar before heading to the grocery store.

After grocery shopping, I prepped all my lunches, dinners, and snacks for the week. It is a busy week for me with finals coming up so any time that can be saved is going to be saved. After meal prepping, I make some zoats topped with a glob of cookie butter.


After lunch I worked on finishing up some last minute Christmas presents. I finished all my family presents during Thanksgiving break, but I still had to put something together something for my teachers and friends. After finishing that up, I had some Swiss chocolate fuel snacks with cottage cheese and pumpkin seeds.

A little while later I had a toffee caramel chocolate chip yasso bar, an apple, and an apple cinnamon detour smart bar to fuel me through some last minute calculus studying.

Since my snacks filled me up quite a bit I had a lighter dinner. I mixed together some eggs and a green bell pepper and finished it off with “Everything but the Bagel”  and garlic powder seasoning.

Then I had another snack…surprised? This time I had some rice cakes with protein powder and sugar snap peas.

To end the night, I had a rocky road themed snack complete with a pint of Arctic Zero and a muscle milk bar.

Macros for the day are 1909 calories at 118P/240C/53F.


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