2018 Goals

It’s a new year so you know what that means – the dreaded resolutions.

Last year I actually stuck to my resolutions. How? I made it something realistic. Something I could achieve and something I wanted to achieve.

So with that being said, here are some of my goals for the upcoming year.

1. Read More – This semester I completed my last English class of high school. That means no more assigned readings or book discussions. However, I want to read more on my own now that I have the freedom to choose what to read and what pace to read it. My goal is 12 books. I know that isn’t a lot, but it’s a realistic goal for me. Any book suggestions?

2. Go to College – I have already unofficially committed to Lipscomb University and I am already counting down the days to freshmen orientation. However, the grind is long from over. I’ve been working my butt off for scholarships because every penny counts.

3. Olympic Lift in College – So the college I am going to has everything I could ever dream of except a gym. I believe they have platforms in a gym accessible to student athletes (of which I am not). So the goal is to find a way into that gym or find a way to train at a weightlifting gym in the Nashville area. If there is a will, there is a way. Under the blanket of Olympic lifting, I’ll tack on a few of my other fitness related goals: participate in a color run, snatch 55kg, clean and jerk 65kg, 3 consecutive muscle ups, and 10 consecutive double unders.

4. Be More Spontaneous – Although I did not make this a direct goal last year, it is something I have already started to improve on. There is always more than can be done and I expect college life to be full of spontaneous adventures.

5. Spend More Time with Family – I will be completely honest: I ignore my family a lot. I do not spend nearly as much time with my sisters and parents as I should. It is something I want to work on since they do so much for me and coming together as a family is only going to become harder as my sisters and I venture away from home.


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