2017 Arctic Zero Products

Huge shout out to the Arctic Zero team for offering to send me their new 2017 products.* This year they came out with three new chunky pints and a new ice cream bar flavor.

Friendly reminder that their products taste best when thawed. This eliminates the icy texture and makes all their products much more creamy and enjoyable.

First up is the peanut butter swirl pint. The pint has a vanilla base with peanut butter swirls and white chocolate chips added in. The vanilla base is pretty basic – a tad bland and the swirls and chips are few and far between. I guess you can’t complain when the entire pint (280 grams) is only 300 calories at 10F/40C/16P.

I was a bit hesitant about the cherry chocolate chunk flavor since I am not a huge cherry fan and I do not love the cherry-chocolate combo, but I was pleasantly surprised. This flavor is perfect for those indecisive nights where you can’t decide between fruity or chocolatey. The cherry flavor is subtle and not over powering and the chocolate chunks adds the perfect touch. The chocolate chunks have a strong taste – and the amount was actually pretty decent this time. I promise this pint tastes better than it looks. The entire pint (280 grams) is 300 calories at 4F/56C/12P.

Next up…the rocky road flavor. Similar to the peanut butter swirl flavor this one was decent. The chocolate base added a tad more flavor but it was not as creamy as I would have hopped. The marshmallow and almond chunks surprised me. There were more chunks than the other pints and the marshmallows tasted like real marshmallows. One pint (280 grams) is 300 calories at 4F/48C/12P.

As per most ice cream pints, they cost roughly $5 depending on where you purchase.

Last but not least are the cake batter bars. I am not been the biggest fan of ice cream bars in general but I was pleasantly surprised. Arctic Zero’s cake batter flavor makes up the base of the bar. Cake batter is one of their creamy flavors so the texture is a TAD icy and plain. However, the bar is dipped in a red velvet dip that adds some pizazz to the flavor. The coating is also soft but still adds a little crunch.

One bar (59 grams) is 80 calories at 5F/7C/3P. A box of 4 bars is roughly $5 depending on the store you buy from.

Peanut Butter Swirl – 5/10

Cherry Chocolate Chunk – 7/10

Rocky Road – 6/10

Cake Batter Bars – 6/10

*Although I was sent these products, all these opinions are my own.


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