Training Update (January 2018)

Last week I competed at a semi-local competition. It was hosted by coach’s former coach. I’ll have more on that competition later – but for now here is a little training update on what my current maxes/what my training has looked like for the past few months.

With Junior Nationals coming up, I have been focusing more on the main weightlifting movements over other accessory movements. I try and keep my snatch, clean and jerk, and squats up to date but the rest of my training is pretty much just for reference.

From my last competition in October, I began a 14-week training cycle. I only got four weeks into the program before switching over to a different 9-week training cycle to prepare for the local meet I competed in earlier this month. Now, I’m working on a shorter micro cycle to improve and maintain my performance for Junior Nationals next month.

I will also note that during the training cycles I have been basing my snatch and clean and jerk percentages off a higher max. I have been training as if my snatch max were 55kg and my clean and jerk max were 65kg.

Currently my maxes are…
Snatch – 53kg/117lbs
Clean and Jerk – 63kg/139lbs
Front Squat – 73kg/161lbs
Back Squat – 85kg/187lbs
Bench – 45kg/100lbs
Deadlift – 82kg/180lbs
Push Press – 40kg/88lbs
Body weight – consistently around 49kg (I compete at the 48kg weight class)

Originally, the plan was to compete at Junior Weightlifting Nationals next month, but after my competition last weekend my plans are up in air right now. So stay tuned! 🙂


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