Matoon Competition (January 2018)

From my last competition in October, this one felt so far away but it came up before I knew it.

My consistency definitely was not where I wanted it to be throughout the training cycle. While preparing for my competition in October, my consistency was spot on but since that competition it definitely tapered.

Thinking back, I associate much of this inconsistency to my mental toughness. I based my percentages during this training cycle off a higher max than I had achieved and when I missed attempts I let it get the best of me.

Originally I did not plan to cut for this competition, but I ended up competing as a 48kg lifter since I have a National competition coming up in a few weeks and wanting to gain more experience as a 48kg lifter.

This was definitely one of the hardest cuts to date for me. On any given day, I typically sit right around 49kg which means I only need to lose 1kg. Typically that only involves paying closer attention to what I eat and watching my water intake the day before but this meet was different.

The week of the meet my weight only wanted to go up. Thursday night I had no other choice to load on the layers and run after practice (I had a friend and coach there – no need to worry – I was in good hands).

Friday I cut water from my intake but it made little to no difference. The next day was competition day.

I drove down with a few of my teammates and checked my weight on the check scale when we arrived. 48.3kg.

I loaded up the layers and ran some more in the fitness center of the YMCA. I somehow made it to 48.05kg and the person running weigh ins let it slide since it was a smaller, local competition.

After weigh ins, I drank some water and ate some food. It felt like I had just completed a long and hard training day yet the competition hadn’t even begun.

My body was done. My legs were shot, I felt so dehydrated, and my stomach was so screwed up from limiting my intake. I knew I needed to eat, but my stomach hurt so badly after barely eating anything the day before and being so nervous.

I knew this would likely be my last competition as a 48kg lifter. I knew my body was ready to move up a weight class. So that added pressure. I wanted to make a 116kg total so I could still compete at Junior Nationals next month but at a higher weight class.

It was a bit chaotic at the meet since my coach had six athletes total in this session spread across two platforms, but as I started warming up, I started to feel a bit better.

I opened up with 50kg for my first snatch attempt and made it with ease. I went on to make a PR on my second attempt at 53kg but missed my final attempt at 55kg.

Clean and jerks I did not go quite as well. As I mentioned earlier, my legs were shot after running and cutting and it definitely showed here. All three of my attempts were the same weights I used at my competition in October. I opened up with 58kg, then 60kg, and then attempted 63kg. Each attempt, I tripple bounced at the bottom in hopes of building momentum to make the squat easier. It worked for my first two attempts but not the third.

I ended up with a 113kg total – to match my previous total. It also meant I was 3kg shy of qualifying for Junior Nationals for the next weight class.

Right now, I’m still unsure what my plans are moving forward. I do not think my body can handle another weight cut so ultimately I have to wait and see what my body and what my coach wants to do.

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