FDOE 1/5/2018

Today’s FDOE is a throwback to the beginning of January. To put things in context, I was still on winter break and was one week out from my next competition. My weight was a bit higher than I would like it to be being one week away from a competition so my macros are a bit lower that normal to accommodate.

As always, this full day of eating is meant for meal inspiration and not for comparison. Everyone has different goals, body types, metabolisms, etc. I have found what works for me and that may not be the same for you.

I started the morning with an English muffin and cottage cheese topped with pumpkin seeds.

For lunch I had some Banza macaroni noodles with yellow bell peppers and an Aldi veggie burger. I also had some hummus on the side. Call me crazy but I love hummus on its own.

Before lifting I had some rice cakes and baby bell cheeses. I have found I train best when I am full but not overly full so volume foods work perfectly for me.

After lifting I my mom and I went to a card making class – yes a card making class. My mom loves scrap booking and every once in a while I join her in her crafty mom’s nights. Since I did not have much time between lifting and our night out, I grabbed a few snacks on the way out the door: a strawberry meal bar from Aldi and some salted caramel Quest protein powder.

I ended the night with a pint of cookies & cream Halo Top and a chocolate Quest cereal bar.

Macros for the day are 1807 calories at 123P/232C/43F.


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