Lipscomb Presidential Weekend

Last weekend, my mom and I flew down to Nashville to attend a scholarship weekend at Lipscomb University.

Honestly, the entire college thing is still so unreal to me. In a few short months, I’ll be living in a dorm away from home.

My mom and I flew down late Thursday night and made it to our hotel around 11 o’clock and headed straight to bed to rest up for the day ahead.

After a short introduction and welcome ceremony, I sat in on an anatomy and physiology class. Today’s lesson covered blood!

Afterwards we ate lunch which included Jim N’ Nicks (aka home to the BEST mac and cheese).

I also received the opportunity to walk around a resources fair of different activities and clubs on campus.

Then, I sat in on a student life panel which operated in a Q&A type fashion.

Friday night we ate dinner at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Students road with their parents on coach buses from campus to dinner. We took a few detours on the way to point out some must go to places.

The venue was absolutely astonishing and the speakers were second to none. We heard from current students, professors, and the school’s president. The highlight of the night was Professor G.’s speech on mentorship.

The meal started off with a Caesar salad. The main course was a chicken based dish but I enjoyed the veggie option which was a mushroom stuffed with quinoa and sautéed veggies. Dessert was either a caramel apple cheesecake or a strawberry chocolate cake depending on where you sat. My mom and I each had a little bit of one and then swapped!

At the dinner the admissions team spoiled us – what else is new? Not only did we enjoy a fancy meal at an excellent venue, we also received a $1500 voucher to study abroad and a Lipscomb embroidered edpack – a backpack company that gives back to the education community.

I stayed in the dorms that night as well. My host was an upperclassman so I hit the jackpot with my dorm room for the night. I slept on the floor but the bathrooms were super nice and my host was amazing!

But before heading to bed the admissions team hosted a presidential palooza for the presidential scholars staying on campus. Hattie B’s provided free fried chicken and banana bread pudding and a student band provided entertainment.

The next morning was busy again with more activities around campus. We had breakfast in the dinning hall and then met with the head of our department.

My department head and I talked for almost a hour non stop. The time just flew by. She was so easy to talk too and I can already tell she will play a major role in my Lipscomb journey.

Lunch was catered again – what a surprise! This time it was Jimmy Johns. I had a foot long veggie sub and saved of the rest of my boxed lunch for later since I had to prepare for my scholarship interview.

Nervous was a big understatement when it came to this point of the weekend. Honestly, having the department meeting before hand really helped calm my nerves. She was so easy to talk to and it really boosted my confident going in.

The interview proceeds consisted of two fifteen minute interviews – one with a male professor and a previous female recipient and the other with a female professor as a previous male recipient.

I think it well well. Overall, the interview mimicked a casual conversation. They asked about myself and directed questions based off my resume and responses. This scholarship was super competitive because it  was for full tuition, but either way, I gained interview experience which will be beneficial in any walk of life.

After my interview my mom came to pick me up from campus. We explored the gift shop and then headed to downtown Nashville.

We toured the Ryman Auditorium with some family friends who just so happen to be in Nashville the same weekend. Then we hit up a downtown bar/restaurant before boot shopping.

The goal was to get some cowboy boots. I found boots – but not cowboy boots. Oh well – looks like I just need to get some next time I come to Nashville.

We came back to the hotel and flew back to Chicago Sunday afternoon. The rest of the weekend was spent frantically preparing meals for the week and trying to catch up on homework and assignments.


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