Current Favorites March 2018

The next installment of all my latest favorites is finally here!

1. Nourishing Women’s Podcast – Since I have a long drive to lifting, I love listening to podcasts. Over the past year I have listened to quite a few but right now my favorite is the Nourishing Women’s Podcast. Meg and Victoria are so entertaining and educational!

2. Writing Letters – Call me old fashioned, but I love receiving letters in the mail. Handwritten letters are way more sentimental that a text or DM.

3. Second A Day Videos – I decided to try something a bit different from my normal journaling. Instead, I’ve been compiling a video diary by taking one second snapshots. I’ve been uploading monthly compilations to my YouTube channel and I love watching the synopsis of each month in a few seconds.

4. Moment App – If you haven’t heard of this app, I strongly encourage you to download it. Basically, it tracks how often you pick up your phone and use it. Another one of my goals this year was to be more aware of my phone usage. I know I use my phone A LOT and using the moment app has helped me increase me productivity while using my phone – aka no more mindless scrolling.

5. Love Your Melon Hat – I bought a black speckled cuffed beanie for Christmas this year and I absolutely love it. I was a bit hesitant to spend $30 on a hat but I went ahead and got one anyways since at least the money went towards a good cause (pediatric cancer). When I received the hat, it was a lot bigger and thicker than I expected. It’s not only fashionable but warm and functional too!


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