Current Favorites May 2018

1. Reebok Legacy Lifters
Although I haven’t gotten them yet, I’ve been eyeing these weightlifting shoes…waiting till I can find a deal because I want them!

2. Banza
Stepped away from my normal wrap lunches and switched over to pasta salad – at least for now.

3. Greatest Showman
The movie may have been released at the beginning of the year but listening to the playlist is so motivating.

4. Grey’s Anatomy
I gave in to the Netflix craze. I rarely ever watch TV but over the past few months that has changed. I started watching my Grey’s Anatomy. I have only made it to season 4 since I only watch on weekends but I already have a list of shows to watch once I finished this series.

5. Slippers
I give you permission to call me an old lady. I love staying in at night and lounging around in my Cookie Monster or panda slippers.


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