Prom 2018

Last weekend my school hosted it’s prom so prepare yourself for a lengthy prom post.

Over Spring Break back in March, I went dress shopping with my Aunt since my mom and I tend to fight when we shop. My Aunt is the only girl in her family so dress shopping is her designated special girl time. Originally, I fell in love with a dress at Windsor but they had limited sizes so I looked it up online and found it at Macy’s. Luckily, across the mall was a Macy’s…so I guess you could say this dress was meant to be.

Going into prom, I debated if I even wanted to go. I had a dress but it took a while to get the whole group/date thing figured out. I really hoped to go with my close friend from weightlifting but her prom fell on the same night and neither of us wanted to miss our own school’s prom.

It ultimately came down to two decisions.

1. I could go with a girl I know through gym but with a group where I knew no one or

2. Go with a sophomore girl my friends know but I have never met and with a group of my close school friends.

I ended up going with option two. However, I ran into another dilemma: my friend and I had the same dress. How did this happen? – no clue but luckily she loved two dresses so she just decided to wear the other one.

Zero sleep pretty much sums up my prom weekend. The night before the big day I babysat until 1am. Then, I woke up at 7:30 the next morning to paint my nails so they had time to dry before my hair appointment at 9:30. I decided to go with an updo to show off the back of my dress. I showed my hairstylist a few pictures and this is what she came up with!

After my hair appointment, I went to my aunt’s house. She put a little bit of makeup on me, but, if you know me, makeup is not my thing so I didn’t let her put too much on.

At 1:30 it started storming – not exactly the best weather for prom. However, luckily by the time we met for pictures at 2:15 the rain stopped. We still took most of the pictures inside but we managed to take a few on the patio without getting muddy.

I also met my date for the first time at pictures. She was super sweet and so excited for prom. We brought each other corsages and despite her being a good head taller than me, snapped some cute pictures together too.

The weather forecast predicted rain all day, but luckily we didn’t run into any trouble. It drizzled a little bit here and there and was a little cold but at least there was no downpour.

The crowning ceremony started at 4 o’clock and as student council President, I helped by handing the couples their bouquet of flowers.

My high school prom is always hosted at the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago. We take charter buses there and back which is good and bad – we don’t have to worry about transportation but it takes forever to get there. The buses try to stay together so if one bus doesn’t make a stop light, we all stop and wait.

By the time we made it to the museum, everyone was starving so we went ahead and ate dinner. The museum provided three different buffets: Italian, Chinese, and a meat carving station. I opted for the Italian buffet and enjoyed my fair share of Caesar salad, mozzarella sticks and some mini pizza bites.

After eating we walked around the storms exhibit and eventually made our way to the photo booth for some silly pictures. We also spent a while inside the mirror maze which was arguably my favorite part of the entire night.

Then we headed straight for the dance floor and danced the night away. Dancing got intense real fast…aka some crowd surfing and moshing went down. We took a quick ice cream break after a while to cool down before heading back to the dance floor.

Oh! I forgot to mention that amongst all the dancing, I happened to lose my phone. My dress had pockets (score!) but I learned things don’t stay in those pockets when jumping around. Several searches later we found it though! Someone turned it in – thank goodness.

The bus ride home was LONG. We took back roads in attempt to keep all the buses together but a charter bus doesn’t have the easiest time making sharp turns. After driving for a while, I google mapped how much longer till we get back to the school and long story short, after driving for 20 minutes we were only 2 minutes always from the MUSEUM.

We got back to the school around midnight and then the post prom party began. My school hosts post prom at the school similar to a lock-in. They fill the gym with a bunch of inflatables, a velcro wall and a mechanical bull, cater food from local restaurants, set up games, host a cake walk, raffle of prizes, section off an area with gambling tables and have an art teacher drawing caricatures all night. There is literally so much to do but not enough time to do it all.

I don’t know how, but at 1am I had enough energy to run a marathon. We ran through the inflatables a few times but then the rest of my group started to lag so we stopped to get some food. I had a Jersey Mike’s veggie sub and some cinnamon sugar donuts and brownies because macros at 1am don’t count.

After eating we opted for something a little less physically demanding: gambling. We played a few rounds of roulette – I had no idea what to do but I still had fun. I also learned how to play Poker and won big with a royal flush.

We cashed in our “participation tickets” and gambling money for raffles tickets in hopes of winning big – it didn’t quite happen but regardless the entire night was fun.

Every minute, a new winner is chosen from the hundreds of tickets. You earn tickets by playing games, jumping on the inflatables, and gambling. The minute raffle prizes are everything from gift cards and gift baskets to bundt cake towers and a gag gifts. The big prize winners are chosen at the end of the night. The prizes are BIG! They raffles off 4K TVs, iPads, xBoxes, Cub’s tickets, etc.

After the night ended I dropped my date off at home and then heading home and got to bed at around 3:30am. Surprisingly, I wasn’t too tired but I had a Mother’s Day brunch to attend in the morning and quite a bit of studying to get to so to bed it was.


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