FDOE 5/24/2018

Finished my high school career last Wednesday and graduated on Sunday so today’s full day of eating is brought to you by the first day of summer.

I started the morning with some zoats topped with blueberries and brownie batter hummus. After breakfast I conquered a long list of things to do my mom left me with…cleaning the house and running a few errands among other things.

For lunch I had a Garden Lites cranberry orange muffin, an egg white omelette, steamed veggies and a mixed berry RX bar.

For a snack a little while later I had some baby bell cheeses, sugar snap peas and mixed berry Made Good granola bites.

On the way to practice I had rice cakes. It probably sounds like the most bizarre thing but pre workout rice cakes have become a ritual for me. They are filling but not to the point where I am uncomfortable, it is carb focused for the little pre workout boost I need and they won’t melt in a hot car.

After practice I made it in time to watch the second half of my younger sister’s soccer game. She subbed for the new team she is playing with the in fall and they won. I even made it just in time to see her score a goal. While watching the game I munched on some puffins.

For dinner once I got home, I had some broccoli tots, a Morningstar Farms pizza veggie burger, steamed veggies and garlic hummus.

To end the night, I had some cottage cheese and a chocolate cream Grenade bar.

Macros for the day are 1863 calories at 119P/232C/51F.


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