Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Last week I had the pleasure of having my wisdom teeth removed…now doesn’t that sound lovely.

My appointment was scheduled for 11 o’clock but my dad and I arrived around 10:30 to fill out some last minute paperwork. Luckily, my parents splurged and paid the extra money to have me knocked out during the procedure. The only downfall of that was that I could not eat or drink anything past midnight leading up to the surgery, and if you know me, I eat quite frequently.

I tried my best to sleep in as late as possible to minimize my awake time before surgery (aka time I could spend eating). It worked alright but I definitely felt a light headed before heading to the doctor’s office.

The surgery went very well…at least I think it did. It was predicted to take an hour but I was in and out in 45 minutes. My ortho surgeon removed all four of my wisdom teeth. Luckily, none of them surfaced yet so it was the ideal time to get them removed.


Despite being put out, I missed out on the loopy aftermath of surgery. I remember my doctor putting the IV in my arm and saying I will be out in the next two to three minutes, but to be completely honest I was already not very with it since I was so light headed. The first thing I remember afterwards is sitting in the patient seat and smiling for a picture.

I was completely aware of everything going on around me, I was just super tired. The nurse told me and my dad a few protocol stuff about icing and medicine and then I transferred myself to a wheelchair and headed to the car.

On the way home, we stopped at Walgreens to pick up some of my medication (penicillin and one for pain) but unfortunately none of it was ready. In fact, my first dose of medication was suppose to be at 1 o’clock but Walgreens didn’t have them ready until 5 o’clock. Another fun fact about me – I cannot swallow pills so all my medicine came in liquid form.

We got home and I managed to eat some pudding and drink some water. I fell asleep a few times in the process – like I said, I was really tired. I tried to watch some Grey’s Anatomy but that didn’t last too long either since I could only make it a few minutes before dozing off again.

I tried to eat some ice cream but every time I ate it, I felt so nauseous. Normally I can down a pint no problem, but it took four attempts to finish a pint. Ultimately, I resorted to a few ensure plus drinks a day in addition to whatever other food I could manage.


Day two of recovery I woke up at 5:30am which wasn’t too much of a surprise considering I slept all of the day prior. The pain wasn’t bad but the chipmunk cheeks started to appear.


By day three, the swelling definitely kicked in. I weaned off the pain medicine and only took the penicillin. Other than the nausea (which came in waves), I felt pretty good. Overall, I think my mouth hurt more when I first had braces than after wisdom teeth surgery.


Day four post surgery I finally got out of the house. It was my younger sister’s first day of summer and national donut day (coincidentally) so we took a trip to Dunkin Donuts to get a free donut.

tempimageforsave-184I also babysat that night which was somewhat comical. My swollen cheeks and my inability to run were the victim of all jokes for the night but at least the kids got a kick out of my suffering.


Saturday morning (five days post surgery) I went to with my Uncle to look at laptops for college. I ended up getting a 2017 MacBook Pro 13-inch. My mouth started hurting a bit more now that I stopped taking the pain medicine but the anticipation of getting a laptop kept my mind at ease.



My follow up appointment with my ortho surgeon took place on Tuesday. They removed the sutures and gave me a syringe to drain out the holes in my mouth which I have to do daily for the next few weeks until my mouth fully heals. They also gave me some mouth exercises to work on so I can open my mouth all the way again. I was given the all clear to go back to exercising but I still took things easy for the first few days until my body felt back and ready to go.


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