Arctic Zero’s New Light Ice Cream

In case you missed my seven days of ice cream on Instagram, here is a semi-brief synopsis of Arctic Zero’s new line of products.

So some general thoughts about their new line…

SO. MUCH. BETTER.  than their lactose free line. Their original products created a bad label for the company but I promise you that these pints are nothing like their lactose free flavors. Each one is smooth and creamy (and sometimes even chunky). They are very comparable to other well know light ice cream brands like Halo Top or Enlightened.

The main thing that sets these new Arctic Zero products apart is that they do not require thawing. They are ready the second you take them out of the freezer.

Unfortunately, they still have the iconic high price tag of ice cream pints. Each one goes for roughly $5 a pint. They are available online at Arctic Zero’s website. I have also seen them at Jewel Osco (similar to a Safeway or Kroger where I live).

And now for the flavors. I will start with my least favorite and end with the flavor I enjoyed the most.

Chocolate Chunk – 5/10
I think Arctic Zero still has a little room for improvement on their chocolate base. Overall, this pint is good but not amazing. I did love the chocolate chunks though.

Vanilla Bean – 5.5/10
This one has the perfected vanilla base and, may I add, VISIBLE vanilla bean speckles which I LOVE but it is also plain vanilla ice cream which is a little dull in it of itself.

Cookie & Brownie Dough – 5.5/10
I really wanted to love this flavor because cookie and brownie dough together sounds spectacular but I was disappointed. The cookie and brownie dough chunks were amazing but a little lacking. Instead of being evenly distributed in the pint, it was almost as if they were grouped into little, infrequent clusters. The base is vanilla, which as I said before is good, but not what I was looking for in this flavor. This one has good potential – Arctic Zero just needs to fix the ice cream to chunk ratios and maybe liven up the vanilla base.

*Update – maybe I just got an off pint at first but I gave this one another try and there were a lot more chunks.

Cookies & Cream – 6.5/10
I will admit, from this picture, this flavor looks a little bit icy but I promise you it doesn’t taste that way. It was smooth and creamy with tons of cookie pieces. The chunks were not as big and solid as other cookies and cream brands I have had but they didn’t disappoint either.

Toffee Crunch – 7/10
I present to you the only flavor with chunks AND swirls. Honestly, the swirls didn’t add too much to the party. It contributed to an aesthetic appearance but flavor wise you could hardly taste a difference – maybe slightly sweeter? The real star of the show were the toffee chunks which were so prevalent, you got one in almost every spoonful.

Mint & Chocolate Cookies – 7/10
Mint flavored things can go in one of two directions: minty like toothpaste or minty refreshing. Good thing this one is the later because I am NOT a fan of minty toothpaste. Plus, there were little chocolate pieces to add some texture!

 Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookies – 8.5/10
This one is my personal favorite. There is so much going on but not to the point of feeling overwhelmed. There is the vanilla base which is disguised by several cookie and peanut butter chunks. Actually, let me rephrase that – a pint composed of a vanilla base with peanut butter speckles that emanate a peanut butter flavor and giant cookie chunks.

Have you tried Arctic Zero’s new line of light ice cream? Which is your favorite or which flavor are you most excited to try?


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