Advance Orientation

Only a few more months until this girl is officially a college student. Earlier this month I headed back down to Nashville for orientation so I guess you can say things are starting to get real.

My mom dragged my grandma along this time so she would have a buddy to adventure with while I enrolled in classes.

Our flight left early Thursday morning. A flight from Chicago to Nashville is laughable – it is barely long enough for the flight attendants to hand out the signature Southwest Airlines peanuts.

The parents of a small baby on the flight put together little gift bags for everyone flying. All I can say is…so. cute.

We arrived in Nashville around 7am and headed straight to Lipscomb’s campus for check in.

Students spent the night in the dorms while my mom and grandma stayed at a nearby hotel. I checked into my dorm room first thing and met my current/future roommate.

I won’t bore you will all that we did at orientation…basically student and staff presentations, department meetings and, of corse, scheduling classes.

I gave in to my “no-coffee before college” plan because. It was only 4 o’clock and I started to drag, especially after being awake since 2 o’clock this morning. Plus, I had a free Starbucks coupon that I couldn’t pass up.

Dinner was at the cafe. My roommate and I are both picky eaters and get a little overwhelmed in big crowds so we decided to pass up the giant line for pizza and grab ourselves giant bowls of cereal instead. I can already tell we are going to be great roommates.

After dinner we had a group devotional and then played a few games (human bingo, battle of the sexes and family feud). Then, we headed to the student center for nocturnal madness (aka more games).

The night ended with a bell tower social complete with some ice cream from Maggie Moo’s food truck.

The next morning my roommate and I had an honors college breakfast where they talked a bit about opportunities and past successes within the honors college.

Then we had some more presentations before the final send off. Afterwards I found the person in charge of campus rec to ask him about weight club rumors I heard from a friend. Apparently Lipscomb is starting a weight club on campus in the fall so he said he would forward my info to the person starting the club. Probably one of the highlights of the day to hear this news.

Then my mom, grandma and I wandered a bit around campus and stopped by the campus gift shop before heading to downtown Nashville for a bit. We stoped for lunch at the famous Biscuit Love. I had some “bonuts” with a shaved brussel sprout, hazelnut and egg concoction. I highly recommend both of them!

I somehow convinced my mom to let me check out the Nashville Weightlifting Club while we visited Nashville for orientation so that is where we headed after lunch. Unfortunately, it is a bit too far from campus to train there consistently in the fall (especially since I will not have my own car), but it was a really great experience to train with different people in a new environment. I didn’t have much time to actually workout since we had to head back to the hotel to get ready for the night but I managed to match my snatch PR and get some clean and jerks in.

At night we went to the Grand Old Opry. Even though I didn’t recognize most of the songs, the show was absolutely amazing. By the time the show finished, it was late so we stoped for a quick dinner at a Waffle House before heading back to the hotel.

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and headed to the Pedestrian Bridge in attempt to beat the heat. The last few days, Nashville reached mid to upper nineties and that, combined with walking, wasn’t the ideal situation for my grandma but we tried to make things work.

After the Pedestrian bridge we went to Green Hills Mall to walk around since it is right across the street from the Lipscomb campus. We had lots of time to kill before our flight back to Chicago so we drove around the Belmont and Vanderbilt campuses and stopped to relax at the Parthenon for a while.

The flight home was short and sweet. It’s hard to believe the next time I’ll be in Nashville I will be moving in to stay for the year.


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