FDOE 6/25/18

Morning! Morning friends! Or evening – whenever you get around to reading this! This week’s post – as you can tell from the title is a full day of eating. This a pretty good example of what I eat on any given day during the summer when I don’t have much going on.

I try to wake up around 7 o’clock regardless of what I have going on. At 7 o’clock I am up and by 7:30 I am on the treadmill walking and watching some Grey’s Anatomy. I like to wake up and get moving right away since it helps my body wake up and gets my sore body moving to help speed up recovery.

After walking I had some cottage cheese with chia seeds and some strawberry granola bites.

After that quick meal I drove my sister to her violin lesson. It’s a relatively quick lesson so I normally run a few errands and then read in the car the rest of the time until she is done.

Once we got back home I baked some lemon blueberry protein cake, and once that chilled I ate half the recipe.


For lunch I had some prepped sweet potatoes, eggs with spinach, sugar snap peas and hummus.

A few hours later I made some zoats and had some vanilla bean hummus on the side.

Before practice I always like to have rice cakes. It’s a ritual and I feel empty without them. So I snack on those while I drive to practice and depending on how hungry I am, I will also have some almonds or I will save the almonds for the ride home.

Once I get home I shower because I literally cannot function without showering after practice. After that, I had some prepped pasta salad (chickpea noodles, edamame and bell peppers). I also had two baby bells on the side.

And before bed I have another snack – the famous night snack. This night I kept things simple with a banana, Greek yogurt topped with sunflower seeds and a chocolate brownie batter Chilly Cow bar.

As always, remember this is what works for me and my body. It’s meant to give meal inspiration and give a little glimpse of my daily life.


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