Do-Rite Donuts

I am making progress on my foodie bucket list. One of my favorite adventures so far has been to Chicago to pick up some of the famous Do-Rite Donuts. It was too hard to pick just one donut so I narrowed down my picks, ordered half a dozen donuts and called it a day. Similar to seven days of ice cream, in this post I will give a quick review and ranking of each donut flavor – starting with my least favorite and ending with my top pick.


Some overall thoughts before I dive into the donut reviews…

Do-Rite has a few locations within Chicago. I went to Streeterville location right off Michigan Avenue. With no surprise, the bakery was packed on a Saturday morning. Inside, it was a bit cramped but the service was fast and I left with a very positive experience.

A single donut cost almost $3 but the donuts are high quality and in my opinion, worth the occasional splurge.

They have a nice variety of donut flavors to choose from so I tried to get a good variety. A few popular flavors that didn’t make my box were the blueberry crumb, Valrhona chocolate cake and some of their old fashion varieties. They also have vegan and gluten free donuts available.

And now for the donuts…

Cinnamon Crunch – 6.5/10
This one is the densest – and by dense I mean it physically is heavier than all the other flavors. The donut itself is super light and fluffy with a cinnamon swirl but once you factor in the vanilla glaze, cinnamon crumble filling and cinnamon dusted top, it got to be a little much. It is no doubt a great donut – but it is a tad dry and a whole lot messy.

Birthday Cake – 7/10
I absolutely LOVED all the sprinkles, and the vanilla icing is exactly what you expect from a birthday cake donut. Overall, this one is a good donut but pretty basic in terms of flavor – nothing really made it stand out as amazing compared to other birthday cake donuts.

Crumb Cake – 7.5/10
The texture reminds me more of a cake rather than a donut because it’s super light and fluffy. I also really loved the crumb topping and all the flavor and texture it added to the donut.

Pistachio-Meyer Lemon – 8/10
The base is almost identical to the birthday cake flavor – just a basic vanilla donut. The toppings are what make this one special. The icing has a subtle lemon tang to it – just enough to get the point across but not overly sour. The pistachio chunks also added a nice touch. They were soft to bite into and added some texture to the donut.

Red Velvet – 9/10
This donut is bright red and caught my eye as soon as I walked in. It’s super soft and moist (pardon my work choice) and the entire donut is covered in more red velvet cake crumbs. My only complaint is that Do-Rite neglected the whole cream cheese aspect of red velvet which I think is essential.


Maple Bacon – 9.5/10
The winner is the maple bacon donut. That should say something – the maple bacon donut is my favorite – coming from a vegetarian. The fluff factor of this donut is spot on. It is super light and fluffy. The donut part tasted similar to a vanilla glazed donut but with a subtle maple twist. The maple frosting then brought out the maple flavor even more. I passed up the bacon topping but if you love bacon then I’m sure that wouldn’t aspect wouldn’t disappoint either. This flavor also got two thumbs up from my donut devouring crew.

Have you visited Do-Rite Donuts? Which is your favorite flavor?


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