FDOE 7/9/18

Today’s full day of eating is a throwback to some summer eats because at the moment I am unpacking box after box into my home for the next few months.


My morning started off with a walk on the treadmill while watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. After warming up my muscles I did some long overdue stretching and then snacked on some dutch cocoa somersaults with cottage cheese.


Then, my little sister and I ran a few errands to the bank, post office and some retail stores to look for “real” clothes as oppose to my extensive lounging attire. When we got back home after having no such luck shopping, I made some white chocolate marshmallow cookies because if you didn’t already know – summer baking has been a thing for me.

I did some work preparing upcoming blog posts while the cookies chilled, ate a few and then retreated to my room to do some reading.



For lunch I had some sweet potato, sugar snap peas, garlic hummus and scrambled eggs with bell peppers and spinach.

After lunch I took a nap – yes a nap. I’ve gotten into the routine of napping which I don’t mind now, but it may be a problem once I am a busy bee again.

A few hours later I made some zoats and topped them off with maple syrup. I love having zoats mid day and normally time it a few hours before I work out.


On my ride to weightlifting I have another carb-centered snack of rice cakes. The cinnamon puffins are for the ride too if I am still hungry – otherwise I eat them on the ride home. Pre and post workout snacks can get a little tricky with a long car ride since they have to be easy to prep and eat for on the go – and preferable able to withstand sitting in a hot car.

Once I got back home, I showered and ate my post workout meal consisting of pasta, edamame, and bell peppers. I also had two baby bell cheeses and a handful of almonds.


And to end the night – I started adding a mug of warm cashew milk mixed with tumeric and cinnamon to my night snacks. I really helps me calm down for the night. I also had a greek yogurt with blueberries and a coffee chocolate chip yasso bar.


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