Summer 2018

The final week of freshmen orientation is coming to a close and I am mentally preparing myself for classes to start on Monday. Big changes are coming my way! But to distract myself from everything in store for me,  here is a little glimpse of my summer!

I will be honest – most summers I isolate myself from the world. I nap whenever I want, read the occasional book, workout and avoid all unnecessary contact with the outside world.

This summer was different.

This summer I challenged myself to make the most of my summer and be more spontaneous. I wanted to make this summer memorable – seeing that it is the last one before I leave for college. Most days followed the similar schedule of sleeping, eating and working out, but I also had my fair share of mini adventures.


Sister Adventures
Over the course of the summer, my younger sister and I spent more time together than I ever thought possible without getting on each other’s nerves. We went on bike rides, wandered around shopping malls and parks, spent a day at Six Flags, mini golfed and visited a petting zoo to name a few.


Bubble Run
…more like Bubble WALK.


I went to Chicago a few times too! I had the opportunity to attend a National Federation of High Schools conference (which was hosted along the Mag Mile) to promote high school weightlifting. I also ventured into the city with my younger sister for some foodie adventures.

St. Louis
No grand family vacation this year because sending two kids through college is a bit expensive. Instead, my mom, younger sister and I took a weekend trip to St. Louis. We visited the St. Louis Zoo (HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT), Ted Drewes Frozen Custard and of coarse the famous Arch.

Second A Day
Throughout summer I also worked on making a second a day video. Each day, I took a short, one-second video of something going on that day and complied them all together into one video.


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