FDOE 8/21/18

First full day of eating – college edition.

This is from the second day of classes (aka still trying to figure out the swing of things). I did not quite eat the quality or quantity of food that is best for my body, but being that it was the first week of classes I was still trying to figure out the cafe’s tips and tricks and the best times to eat with my class schedule.


My morning started off with a quick bite to eat before heading to my first class of the day – Lipscomb Experience which is a freshmen seminar type class. I stuck to a banana cream yogurt.


After class I had a cinnamon roll Kirkland Signature protein bar. If you haven’t tried these yet – I highly recommend them. They are very similar to Quest bars but at less than half the cost.

Then we had the Gathering which is a school wide worship. The main arena was currently under construction so this week’s chapel was outside in the square. Once that ended I rushed over to the gym and actually touched a barbell. It was my first time in over two weeks squatting since every time I’ve tried to workout, the gym had been way too crowded to do anything.


After the gym, I headed to the cafe for lunch. I had a salad made with lettuce, cucumbers,  shredded carrots and topped with raspberry vinaigrette. I also had a hard boiled egg, red pepper hummus and pita bread. As of right now, I think my favorite food in the cafe is easily the hummus.

After lunch I worked on some homework,  browsed some job opportunities and finished some house keeping items. Then, I headed off to my chemistry lab. Tuesdays and Thursdays and light days for me since I only have two classes so I can be a bit more flexible with my down time.


After my lab ended, a few girls and I ventured down the street to 12 South to celebrate my friend’s birthday. We ate at Edley’s BBQ and then walked around to a few different murals. I had the southern salad with a cup of Mac and cheese.


When we got back to campus, I cleaned up for the night, called my family back at home and attempted some reading. I also whipped up some egg whites and broccoli in my room.


Tuesday nights, my dorm sponsors Tuesday Night Pancakes. Being that this was the first Tuesday of the school year I knew I couldn’t miss out so two chocolate chip pancakes before bed it was.

As I said before, please do not use this FDOE as a comparison. This is to document my college journey and give a little insight on my daily life.


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