College Q&A October 2018

Where are you going to school?
I am a freshman at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN. It is a small Christian school down to street from Belmont and Vanderbilt.

What is your major?
Dietetics! Aside from my general education classes, I am in two nutrition classes this semester: basic foods and professional orientation.

What is your class schedule like?
I have 8ams everyday of the week. Call me crazy but I really don’t mind having class so early – I actually prefer it. On my busier days I am done at 3pm but most other days I am done by noon.

What is your favorite class?
I really love both of my nutrition classes. In basic foods, we have a cooking lab each week which has helped me venture out of my comfort zone and try some new foods. We only meet once a week for professional orientation and have a different speaker come talk to us about their area of speciality in dietetics.

What is your least favorite class?
Intro chemistry. I am sorry. I really enjoy chemistry but this class is so easy and boring that it is so hard to pay attention.

How does your work load compare to high school?
Honestly, it is not that different. Less busy work and more bigger assignments. I do read and write A LOT though. Sometimes the change in responsibility make it feel like I do not have much homework. Whereas in high school teachers would assign a few chapters to read each night with reading comprehension questions, in college they just tell you to read the book. It is nice having classes every other day – but also strange going to bed without having that day’s homework finished.

Do you live on campus?
Yes! Most freshmen are required to live on campus and we all live in the same hall. Commuting isn’t really an option for me since I live eight hours away but living on campus makes everything so much easier since you do not have to worry about traffic.

Do you have a roommate?
Yes again! Her name is Ashlyn and we met through the incoming freshmen Facebook group. She is one of the sweetest girls I’ve met. I really like the relationship we have. We don’t spend every second together but still enjoy each other’s company. We also really love the heat so our room is always nice and toasty.

What is your sleep schedule like?
I go to bed really early compared to most people – normally around 10:30 or 11 o’clock and wake up naturally around 6:30 or 7 o’clock. During the week, curfew in midnight and on weekends we have to be in the dorm by 1 o’clock.

How often do you eat in your room?
As a freshman with an unlimited meal plan, I eat most of my meals in the cafeteria. During the week I eat every meal at the cafe and I try to eat there as much as I can over the weekend but sometimes we go out or the cafe is closed. Other than that, I typically have 2-3 snacks everyday in my room.

How do you count macros at the cafe?
It’s tricky. The short answer is guestimation. After counting macros for a while, I have a good idea of what portions look like without having to weigh or measure anything out. Some items have the nutrition information posted on the sign but it is pretty obvious that some of those macros are not the most accurate. However, I am at a point in my life where there is no need to be super strict with counting macros.

What are you favorite foods at the cafe?
I am honestly surprised. As much as I thought I would hate the cafe, it really is not that bad. For breakfast, I typically either have (A) an omelette from the omelette bar with cottage cheese, fruit and gluten free bread (long story haha) or (B) a bowl of cereal, fruit, cottage cheese and hard boiled eggs. Lunches and dinners kinda depend on my mood. Normally I’ll have a salad with soup, a wrap from the deli station, a chicken breast, a veggie burger or pita bread and hummus along with a bunch of sides from the vegan bar.

What are you go to dorm meals?
I don’t eat too much in my room, but I always have some oatmeal and mac and cheese cups on hand in case the cafe is closed.

What are you go to dorm snacks?
I try not to rely too much on protein bars but I haven’t been doing such a good job at that. Right now I have some Quest, Combat Crunch and Luna bars on hand. I also have some cereal, rice cakes, yogurt and string cheese to snack on throughout the day.

How often do you work out?
Before this week, maybe 2-3 times a week. I am NOT a fan of crowded gyms so most of the time I will either leave right away or run a bit on the indoor track and leave. It also does not help that my campus gym only has one squat rack and no platforms or bumper plates. My friend and I have been going to a laid back HITT class every Thursday – and by laid back I mean her and I are the only ones that show up. It has been super fun though! However, I brought my car back to campus this past weekend so I have access to an off campus gym which I am trying to go to 4-6 times a week.

Are you still Olympic weightlifting?
I am trying my best! As I said above, I did not have access to a platform and bumper plates until this week so I have a lot of make up work to play. I lifted for the first time in over two months last weekend and only managed to build up to 65-70% of my old maxes.

How did you meet your friends?
I went to a summer camp for rising seniors last summer where I met three of the girls in my current friend group. One is from Ohio and the other two are from Tennessee. Two of them are across the hall from the other two girls in our friend group. If you followed all that I am impressed. 🙂 We are a pretty diverse group of girls. Our majors included everything from nursing to business, education and fashion merchandising but we all get along and I love them all to death!

What is college life like?
The student activities board holds free events throughout the week that my friends and I try to take advantage of. There is trivia for concert tickets on Tuesday nights, WNWE (Wednesday nights we eat) at the guy’s dorm with food and live bands and then an ice cream truck Thursday nights in the Square. The line literally wraps around campus. I also try to go to a few sporting events and concerts during the week if I have time.


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