Noodles & Co Guide


1. Zoodles
Newer to the Noodles & Co scene are their zoodle dishes! You really can’t go wrong with any option. Plus, you can sub zucchini noodles to any of their traditional dishes to make it a lighter alternative.

2. Mediterranean Pastas
The pesto cavatappi is one of the best options here. Relative to the other Mediterranean pasta options, this one is lower is sodium with a sustainable amount of protein.

3. Asian Pastas
In the mood for some Asian pasta? Go for the Thai green curry with shrimp. The shrimp is a nice additional boost of protein!

4. American Pastas
Butter noodles are one of the better options here. It clocks in as one of their lower-calorie options, and although it lacks a substantial protein source, a small bowl still has a considerable 11 grams of protein stemming from the egg noodles.

5. The Macs
The traditional Wisconsin mac & cheese is your best bet here. Stick to the small size and be mindful as you eat – enjoy the flavor of each bite.

6. Salads
All are great, balanced options but the best ones include the med salad with chicken and the chicken caesar salad. They both have plenty of nutrients from the leafy greens and a substantial protein source to keep you feeling satisfied.

7. Soups
The chicken noodle soup wins this race closely followed by the thai chicken soup. Like most soups, these fall on the high end for sodium intake -just make sure you are drinking enough water to keep your fluids in balance.

8. Shareables
The pot stickers are a great menu item to share with the table. They are relatively lower in saturated fat and higher in protein. Remember – it’s called a SHAREable.


My Personal Favorites
The penne rosa and pesto cavatappi are some of my go to menu items. I also really love the whole zoodles game – the zucchini Romesco in particular is so good!


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