Training Update (November 2019)

Long time no see! Although food is my first passion (I am a dietetics major aren’t I?) I also really love strength and conditioning. So this week I am taking a break from all the recipes and sharing a bit about my training.

For those of your newer to the blog, I am a competitive gymnast turned weightlifter. I have been competing in olympic weightlifting (aka the snatch and clean and jerk) for a little over two years now.

While I am home for school breaks, I train with my teammates and coaches but while I am away at school I lift on my own at a nearby sportsplex.

So far this year, I competed at Junior Nationals back in February and I believe that is where my last training update took place.

Over the summer I competed at a smaller, local competition. I did not do as well as I hoped but to sum that meet up in a few points…

  • I did not cut for this competition. I signed up and competed in the 55kg weight class even though I weighed in at 49.1kg.
  • My snatches felt a little off. I missed my opener of 53kg. Then I missed it again on my second attempt. Luckily I somehow pulled through to make it on my final attempt.
  • Clean and jerks did not go much better. This time I made my opening at 64kg but missed my second a third attempt at 66kg.

I went into the competition REALLY wanting to hit a 55kg snatch and a 65kg clean and jerk since I’d been striving for those numbers for SO long. I finally hit them a few weeks prior in the gym but I really wanted to show it off during competition too. However, despite making 2/6 lifts, I still managed to increase my total PR by 1kg from last year’s Junior Nationals.

A few months later, I competed again in Nashville. Going into the meet, I did not expect much. I signed up more with the intention of meeting other weightlifters in Nashville. Actually, I was in the middle of a training cycle so my lifts were not competition ready anyways.

The biggest stressor about this meet was coaching. Since I was away at school, my coach was not with me to help me count attempts and tell me when to warm up. I ended up reaching out to a Lipscomb strength coach who was more than happy to coach me! He had never seen me lift (or coached someone at a competition for that matter) but he did great!

  • I did not plan to cut for this competition. The week before, I weighed 49.5kg. During meet week, I did not change much about my nutrition. I passed up the weekly milkshake run and the donuts at my Bible study. Then, the day before my competition I watched my water intake. I ended up weighing in at 48.9 and competed in the 49kg weight class.
  • For snatch, I opened and made 52kg. Then I went on to make 54kg and 56kg which was a training and competition snatch PR for me.
  • I opened up my clean and jerks at 63kg and made that lift. For my second attempt, I went for 65kg and made that lift as well. However, I missed my final attempt of 68kg.

I was SUPER happy with how this competition turned out. I finally hit that 55kg/65kg benchmark I was striving for. I also totaled 121kg which beat my prior total PR of 117kg. To make the meet better, a few friends from college came to watch me lift and I LOVED having them there to support me!

As I mentioned before, I trained through the Nashville meet since I planned on peaking for the Mid Americans weightlifting competition in October. For this competition, I flew home to Chicago for the weekend to compete under my coaches.

  • I signed up for this competition as a 55kg lifter. Although gaining 13 pounds was not a very realistic goal for me to accomplish in a month, I aimed to weigh in at around 51kg for this competition. The week leading up to the meet I was about 50-51kg, but somehow when weigh ins came around I ended up weighing 48.95kg.
  • My first snatch attempt was 53kg which I missed. However, I came back to make it on my second attempt. Then, I missed my third attempt at 55kg.
  • For clean and jerks, I made all three attempts going 63kg, 65kg, 67kg.

If one word could describe this meet it would be chaos. There were only a few warm up platforms that everyone shared so the warm up area was packed. There also was not a sound system for the announcers so they yelled lifter’s names in between attempts. A few people missed their lifts because they did not know it was their turn.

When it was my turn to compete, I was frazzled. I never finished my snatch warm up, opened up a bit higher than I wanted, and had two coaches telling me two different things. Honestly, after my last snatch attempt I cried. Thankfully I pulled myself together in the short break between snatches and clean and jerk and went into the next lift a little more mentally prepared.

Despite my not-so-good snatch performance, I ended up getting best junior female overall lifter (aka I got some lifting straps, wrist and knee wraps, protein powder, and a shaker cup). But the more important thing – my dad and my aunt were able to come cheer me on!

So that is it for now! I might do one last local weightlifting competition in January before I study abroad in the spring but we will see how the next few weeks pan out.

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