Student Plate

The Freshman 15 ~ a common expression describing weight gain among college freshmen.

The Problem
Freshmen year means new EVERYTHING. Most of the time, it is the first time students truly gain a sense of independence and responsibility. However, this newfound freedom tends to get out of control in the world of nutrition.
Students either…
A. Turn the Freshman 15 into the Freshman 20
B. Fear the Freshman 15 so much that they become obsessive about food

The Solution
My natural dietitian instinct wants to solve this problem which is why I created The Student PlateThe Student Plate equips college students with resources to find the happy medium between healthy living and the college lifestyle.

On The Student Plate, you can expect to…
Join a community of fellow students striving to find a healthy balance in their life
Gain access to dorm-friendly recipes and low-budget grocery lists
Boost your exercise regime with college friendly fitness inspiration