FDOE 6/25/18

Morning! Morning friends! Or evening – whenever you get around to reading this! This week’s post – as you can tell from the title is a full day of eating. This a pretty good example of what I eat on any given day during the summer when I don’t have much going on.

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FDOE 1/5/2018

Today’s FDOE is a throwback to the beginning of January. To put things in context, I was still on winter break and was one week out from my next competition. My weight was a bit higher than I would like it to be being one week away from a competition so my macros are a bit lower that normal to accommodate.

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FDOE 4/1/2017

Today’s full day of eating is a bit different. Last weekend I went on a mini road trip with my family around Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee to look at potential colleges. Eating on the road has traditionally been tough for me, but on this trip I really wanted to prove to myself that I can find balance in my life.

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