Chocolate Chip Mini Muffin Puffs

Recipe time! This time I adapted @theflexibledietinglifestyle’s hulk brownies into chocolate chip mini muffin puffs. These little melt-in-your-mouth bites are pure goodness, and if that wasn’t enough, each puff comes out to roughly 30 calories a piece at 1F/2C/4P depending on the brands of ingredients you have on hand.

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Lemon Blueberry Protein Cake

…and the summer baking continues. Don’t worry! I baked quite a bit over the summer, so I have plenty of recipes blog posts stockpiled to last me a while since recipe testing in a dorm room is a bit problematic. This recipe is modified from @twinsanityfitness’s post on Instagram.

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Double Chocolate Protein Brownie

Status Update: It’s my birthday weekend and even though I’m low key wishing I could celebrate with a new @mason_woodruff recipe, reality is I am probably spending yet again more money to fund another Nashville foodie adventure. I am not complaining though.

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